About Us

While most eyewear brands have already sold out to conglomerates like Luxotica, KDEAM Optics remains the local hero in eyewear. Sticking to a consumer direct approach to minimize cost hikes, we’ve built a globally recognized brand with over 2 million happy customers worldwide.

Facility: Our facility is nestled between a lake and a motocross track allowing us to experiment in ways that most closely resemble our clientell. We call on wakeboarders, surfers, motocross riders, BMX’rs  and anyone that shares common ground with our passion. 

THE FOUNDERS OF STYLE: The history of the Our product development team works in motorsports, action sports and pyrotechnics, with grass roots literally growing through our bay doors. We crush it daily with a passion that has been unprecedented for 15+ years and customer support 2nd to none.

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