About Us

Intro: KDEAM Optics USA is an initiative of thrill seeking throttle jockeys & hot babes selling glasses from a Van to fuel the bikes and surf some waves. Our hub is based in Palm Coast, Florida and provides us with 24/7 testing under the sun with the most bad ass athletes and genuinely fun humans in the world.

The Team: There’s a good chance you’ve come across the KDEAM Optics brand by way of our collaborative efforts in various industries of interest. From the big screen to touring bands; Audic Empire & Seranation Music, to action-sports with AJE Motorsports (Gas Gas), Team PRMX Kawasaki, JoJo Jones (Skate) & Union Square Shoe Company (BMX). The KDEAM Optics movement is quickly becoming an iconic brand worldwide with some of the best and boldest sunglasses you’re going to find anywhere in the world.

Facility: Our facility is nestled between a lake and a motocross track allowing us to experiment in ways those other guys will never understand. We call on wakeboarders, surfers, motocross riders, BMX’rs  and anyone that shares common ground with our passion. 

THE FOUNDERS OF STYLE: The history of the Our product development team works in motorsports, action sports and pyrotechnics, with grass roots literally growing through our bay doors. We crush it daily with a passion that has been unprecedented for 15+ years and customer support 2nd to none.

Follow our journey on Instagram: @KDEAM_Optics