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Customer Reviews

Better than Oakley - Skylines

I cant believe how light weight and comfortable these glasses are. I almost forget that I even have my glasses on, because they fit so well and weigh nothing. The vision is insane, it's like looking through HD glasses. I LOVE my skylines and will be adding many more of Kdeam products to my collection. Best price on some of the best sun glasses around!!!

Colton Farley

Awesome Shades - 2020 Flaresides

I have been an Oakley guy for some time owning six pair over past six years buying a new pair every summer for my birthday. Last summer and this winter I lost 2 pair due to drunken stuppers. There was no way I was going to drop over $400 in shades again so, I did my research finding out that I am just paying for overpriced plastic.
I was on Instagram saw KDEAM and went to the site. Glad I did because, I like the style.
I will definitely be spreading the word about KDEAM optics quality is there and seem sturdy.
I'm a repeat customer now owning 4 pair of KDEAM shades. Keep up the good work fellas.

Rueben Liendo Jr

Best bang for my buck to date - Aviators

Best pair of sunglasses I've bought to date! They offer protection without sacrificing any clarity or a discoloring view. They fit well and stay on my face when I go out for runs without slipping around. Most of all, they exceeded the more expensive pairs of sunglasses I have. I see no reason to go back while KDEAMs are on the market!


Great fit, look, and comfort - Class Specs

A lightweight and comfortable pair of sunglasses that feel and look great. Polarized lenses with rubber nose and side pieces keep them in place so they dont slide down like some glasses do. I needed a new pair of sunglasses but didnt want to pay several hundred dollars for a good pair like some places charge so I'm glad I found these when I did.

Brandon Evans